Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The adventure continues....

Here I am... once again living outside of my home country, America. This isn't my first adventure living abroad; I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica. I lived in Montego Bay for almost three years and had some wild and crazy adventures all over the island. To read about my life in Jamaica you can visit http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/bobbie7781/jamaica_05/1127411520/tpod.html. Living in Jamaica was life changing. Not only did I meet and befriend some of the coolest people on the planet, but I learned things about myself that are invaluable. I also met one special guy: Malcolm. He is Scottish by ancestory, but Jamaican by birth. He was born and raised in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, and was living in Montego Bay while I was living and working there. One thing (eventually) lead to another and we're engaged.

But we're not living in Jamaica anymore. As sad as it was to leave, we decided that our life together would have a better start in Scotland. Currently we're living in central Scotland with Malcolm's mother. I spend the days reading, exploring the surrounding hills, and doing wedding chores. Once we're married (Sept 23rd) and I have a spouse Visa I will be able to work, but until then I'm trying to enjoy my many hours of leisure... Which isn't always easy for me.

Who am I? My name is Robin and I am a 25 year old Chicagoan living with my Jamaican fiancee in Scotland. I love traveling, reading, old movies, Pink Floyd, bright, colorful spaces, high energy/thinking people, and witty reporte. I'm excited for my new life in Scotland, and have hight hopes that it will be just as fulfiling and satisfying as my old life in Chicago, and Jamaica!