Friday, 28 September 2007

Mrs. Fowles, but still Ms. Carlson

So I'm married. It all happened last Sunday afternoon, on a beautiful day, about 30 miles from Chicago. The rehearsal was Thursday, with dinner following. After a great dinner almost everyone came back to my parents house and proceeded to drink a lot (or maybe it was just me). My maid of honour and myself were pushed on the worlds tallest swing for a good half an hour, then we got to return the favor. Good times.

Friday Malcolm and I decided to go out in Chicago with some of our good friends. We proceeded to drink a lot. Good times.

Saturday my bridesmaids and I got our nails done and spent the night at the Hilton. No drinking, thank god!

Sunday we all got ready at the Hilton, then headed to Danada house for the wedding and reception. I was so glad to finally be able to put on my wedding dress and have it mean something. The ceremony was sweet; my Aunt, his Father, and my Father all did readings. After the ceremony the bridal party took formal and informal photos, and I got so irritated because I just wanted to get it over with but people kept walking away!! After pictures we finally got to start dinner. The best part of dinner was when Malcolm ate half of his vegetables (usually he avoids them like the plague!). We danced and drank the rest of the night away. Some Jamaican Dancehall was enjoyed by all (my Mom is now in love with "Stookie", a song that involves a lot of dropping and hopping). After the reception was over a select few went back to the Hilton for some more drinking and card playing. Malcolm and I finally kicked everyone out around 3am. Good times.

Overall I have had such a great time. Although there have been a fair few hangovers, and some wedding hook-ups gone bad I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Pictures will be posted as soon as I get back to Scotland, in a few days time.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

But wait! Tomorrow is Monday, November 28th!!

No, of course it isn't. But that famous line was uttered by my good friend Brian way back in 2002. We were parking semi-illegaly in Chicago and Brian noticed a sign. We eagerly scaned the paper to see if it said anything about our parking space. It told us that as of Monday, November 28th it was illegal to park where Brian's car was located, and that offenders would be towed. Brian, after reading the sign, cried out "Oh, no! Tomorrow is Monday, November 28th!" worried that he would get toed (for the millionth time). I also fretted, but then realized that it was only June.

After a good laugh, we left the car where it was and continued on our merry way. But that quote reminds me of the transience of time and date. When Malcolm and I got engaged in January I felt that our wedding date was miles in the future. Now, though, the wedding is only a WEEK (!) away. I feel like saying "(I can't believe) Tomorrow is Sunday, September 23rd!".

I arrived back in Chicago on September 3rd. After a very very long flight and a very very annoying screaming child I was glad to be back in the USA. From the moment I set foot in Naperville to this very second I have been either: running errands, making calls, planning wedding details, thinking about wedding details, watching wedding shows, or dreaming about the wedding. I know, I'm going wedding crazy. I don't think this is understandable to anyone but other brides. I'm very excited and not nervous at all (although I think I will be when the day arrives), but slightly anxious that all goes smoothly.